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Geraldo alken – Founder & CEO

I’m Geraldo Alken and welcome to Your Charisma.I’m a 27 year old Entrepreneur living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I love to travel, explore, network, dance and am a big fan of sports! As for sports I practice the art of kickboxing, skipping rope and am a frequent visitor of the local gym. 

In addition, I have an obsession to live life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.

As a result I began the adventure of self-development at 21 and have since been obsessed with learning and growing in all areas of life.

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Nathan Olson – Social Media Manager & Content Strategist 


Hi There, My name is Nathan Olson and I specialize in content marketing throughout the Your Charisma channels. Next to working for the Charisma brand I also own my own blog and brand called APEX.

For questions about our content strategies please contact me throughtout the contact form or live chat through our website.

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Nadir Bendenia – Growth Manager & Direct Sales Specialist


Hello there, My name is Nadir Driss Bendenia and i’m 25 years young. My ambitions are to be happy with what I do and surround myself with people who I love.
Next to Online Marketing I write poems, play the guitar, do calisthenics sports and freerunning. Besides that I love to cook and make people smile!

My purpose of life is to pursuit happiness and achieving my dreams. IMO, Without these drives people are literally committing spiritual suicide. That’s why I make sure to grab these two things with both hands and make the best out of my life!

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Cesar Bahnerth – Web Developer & SEO Specialist


I’m Cesar Bahnerth and welcome to Your Charisma. I’m a 25 year old web developer from Papendrecht, The Netherlands. I Am the founder of YrWebsite and specialised in wordpress webpage building.

Next to this I’m a social media marketing, sales and designing specialist. Within Charisma my main focus is to create new websites for our clients, traffic monitoring and SEO ranking.

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Danny Gleeson – Social Media Manager & Web Developer


Hi there, My name is Danny and I am a Website developer and founder of Yrwebsite. I am from Papendrecht, The Netherlandds and have been an Online marketer for five years now. On the job I fell in love with web development and decided to leave the 9-5 and go go All in.

My main focus is to increase website conversions through split testing, managing different opt in pages and optimising sales pages to work on a positive ROI.

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Jurswin Luciano – Administration & Networking Strategist


Hello there, My name is Jurswin Luciano and i’m 28 years young. My ambitions are to be happy with what I do and surround myself with people who I love. Next to Online Marketing I play soccer. Besides that I love to party and spending quality time with my loved ones!
My purpose of life is to pursuit happiness and living a life of freedom. Within Your Charisma I focus on networking with other companies and Entrepreneurs to increase our overall value and possibilities. Next to that I take care of the business administration. 
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