Have you ever been in a group where people just couldn’t stop talking about this one product, or post?

Well if you have (most of us have had this experience), did it create this feeling of interest? So many people are talking about it, and you would like to know where this fuzz is about, right?


So today, we’re going to use this type of curiosity and even some more benefits of creating a community to get your website more and constant traffic.

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Why should I create a community?

As research concluded, nearly two-thirds of the consumers said that trust is one of their main influences in the process of buying. Because this is such a large percentage, it’s almost impossible to neglect this. So how are we going to win the trust and how will this affect my traffic?

Well, first of all, there are some ways that I won’t discuss in this post like trust seals because they won’t get you more traffic, only a better conversion. But then there is this way to increase traffic and trust, which is creating a community around your product or blog.


3 Reasons your traffic will increase

So why does this result in more traffic? Think about that feeling of curiosity I’ve described in the first paragraph of this post that is one part of the visitor flow generated.


It also creates a relationship with customers (if you are active in your community). This will significantly increase the chance of them telling their friends and family about your website, which will lead to more quality traffic.


And the final reason is that an essential part of running an e-commerce store is the experience customers get. When you have a community the purchase won’t begin at the moment someone clicks the buy button, neither will it end after receiving the item. Visitors can first check what previous customers said about the product they are interested in, and after they’ve received the item, they can post it in the community or join an active discussion about the product.

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So what’s important when starting a community?

Every store should have a community around it, whether it is a Facebook group, a Reddit topic or for the hipsters among us,  a Snapchat group where customers can share their purchase and of course to talk about it. And creating such a group is vital to the success of stores and blog, as it leads to engagement through word of mouth and social media.


But there are a few important things to keep in mind when starting a community. Of course, you should consider which platform would perform best; this is done best by posting in existing communities and monitoring which platforms aren’t generating engagement.

So after you’ve decided which platforms to exclude, you should keep in mind that even though you represent a business with this community, you should approach this as you and your brand. So don’t try to sell, but try to get a connection with the persons in the community so they will buy because they like you or your store, and not because you’ve sent them 15 messages with different kinds products.



Spread the word!

You’ve set up your community platform, whether it is a forum, a comment section or a Facebook group, but nobody’s in it yet. Now it’s time to spread the word! Use social media, forums, Email or put a link on your site and get some attention for the community. Once the engagement starts to rise, the group will begin growing organically and so will your traffic.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks article and if something is still unclear be sure to tell me in the comment section below.

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