If you follow our blog post then you already know how we feel about Instagram. Instagram is quickly becoming the largest social media marketing platform. The average monthly user base is set to hit almost a billion sometime next year! The level of personality and creativity is unmatched by any other platform. As Instagram continues to grow it’s audience the chance for you to start a profitable page increases proportionally. However, the more people that sign on to Instagram means the more competitors you will have to overcome. In this article we are going to share our tips on how consistency is key to creating a Successful Instagram Account.

What Makes an Instagram Account Successful?

You may be wondering what exactly deems an Instagram account successful? There are actually a variety of options that can make an Instagram account successful. But the most profitable type of account is one that is considered an influencer. When an account hits influencer status the chances for generating revenue from the account sky rocket. Individuals, businesses and brands in the specified niche will be seeking you out to assist them in their marketing ventures.

Successful Instagram Account

The reason that these accounts are the most profitable is because of the size of their audience and the engagement rates of their post. The revenue generated from each post is directly proportional to the audience size and engagement rate. This is why it is essential to build a loyal following that is full of highly engaged followers. Accounts such as @kimkardashian, @simeonpanda, or @goodlife generate a full time living off Instagram. Not only because of the endorsements they receive from brands and businesses but for the level of follower devotion they have. Their engagement rates are upwards of 10% which is incredible. These influencers have the ability to launch their own products and generate massive amounts of revenue from them, simply by posting about it.

Consistency is Key to Success

One of the biggest factors when it comes to being successful at anything is consistency. Think about it. Micheal Jordan did not step onto the basketball court for the firs time to become an World Famous Basketball player. Jordan practiced for hours every day for years on end to become the best. Consistency was the keys to his success.

Successful Instagram Account

In Instagram the same rule applies, Consistency. Whether it be the time of your posting, the nature of your post, or the voice of your post, all the factors of your page must be consistent. Instagram allows for such precision within their niches, that they are niches of sub-niches. These extremely targeted followers are looking for something specific. This means that when you are building your page that you need to stick to one theme and keep it. Your page aesthetic should be consistent. When you start to bounce around, changing the aesthetic of your page, you actually damage the relationship with your followers. They follow you because there is a certain level of expectation that has been set. When you deviate away from that level of expectation, your followers will have less faith in your abilities. This is why consistency is so important in creating a Successful Instagram Account!

Quantity vs Quality

Successful Instagram Account

It has been thought that you must produce quality content and not quantity. While quality is important, how can you master quality without first trying hundreds of times? Answer is you cant! You must consistently produce content in order to create the level of quality you desire. Also as you continue to create a large volume of content your abilities start to develop for the better. You will find that creating 3 pieces of content everyday once took you about 3 hrs, now takes you roughly 45 minutes. That is progress! So remember to first master quality you have to go through quantity. It is the consistent repetition of creating content that not only betters your posting but also your content creating skills.

Wrap Up

As Instagram continues to grow in size the ability to generate a full income off the platform is becoming easier and easier. But the key to creating a Successful Instagram Account is consistency. Whether it be your page aesthetics or posting habits, there is a level of expectation from your followers that must be upheld. Humans are creatures of habit so when you alter your pages habits, followers notice. This is why the level of quality of your posting must be consistent as well. In order to rise to the ranks of Instagram Influencer and make your Instagram Page Successful, you need to be consistent in all things social media.

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